Virtual Platform Overview

We are pleased to share the following information with you to ensure your engagement with the Virtual Platform is seamless.
In preparation, we strongly suggest you view the introductory video, click here to view.   


Technical Assistance

If you have difficulty accessing the platform, please contact or telephone 61 3 9645 6311 between 8am-6pm AEST.

If you are in the platform and require any assistance or have questions, please head straight to the red LIVE SUPPORT icon and submit your query.

If you are logged into the platform but cannot see sessions or functionalities, please log out, clear your browser history/cache and log back in.

The virtual platform is optimised for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

To optimise the broadcast quality of sessions, please do not use ‘incognito’ or ‘hidden search’ browser settings. Remember the quality of the broadcast will be contingent on the speed and capacity of your wifi.

Should you wish to participate in some interactive components of the platform such as the Meeting Hub, you have the option of utilising your microphone and/or video camera.


Your Profile

Once you obtain your personalised log in, you can enter the platform and update your profile information. You can determine what information you’d like to share with your fellow participants by answering some optional questions. These will help you meet others with similar interest in the Meeting Hub based on your criteria.

You are welcome to upload a photo, enter a short biography and share your social media contacts if you choose too.  Then complete your privacy setting to suit your preferences.

You can also choose the time zone you are based in so the platform reflects this accordingly.

When you are finished selected Update and Close in the top right-hand corner of the window. You can update these settings at any time.


Daily Timeline

You’ll see there is a daily timeline for each of the three days. Click on the day to view the schedule of presentations for that day.

In the right-hand corner you can see a section where you can search or filter for a presentation. You can also mark a preferred session with a Star that will help build your own agenda. 

Within each time slot, you’ll see the titles of each concurrent session. Simply click on the concurrent session title and you’ll see in the box on the right-hand side in Session Information, the title and name of each presentation within that session.

To view an individual session, simply click on the session title.  When the session is live you can then select JOIN to participate in the session.

At any time you can return to the timeline by selecting BACK TO TIMELINE in the top left-hand corner.

You’ll also see a countdown clock in the top right-hand corner. Given the scale and complexity of the virtual program, the schedule will be strictly adhered to.

Please refer to the section below about the sessions.



We have a number of leading industry organisations supporting the Conference and we encourage you to view the Sponsors platform to learn more about their products or services.  There are videos you can view, materials to read and contact details available for you to reach out for more information as to how they can assist your organisation.  This section is open for you to view at any time throughout the Conference schedule.


Meeting Hub

The Meeting Hub is designed to help you connect with colleagues and sponsors from across the globe during the Conference.

You can enter the Hub by selecting the button on the right-hand side of the home screen.

You’ll see the attendees listed in alphabetical order of surname. You can search the list by name or organisation.

To connect with another participant simply click on their name and request to connect. Once accepted by them, you can engage in a live chat, video calls, schedule meetings, send messages and make notes if you choose to. The contact details and your notes can be exported via the Export Tool next to your Profile button at the top right.         


Poster Gallery

The Poster Gallery is the platform to view over 155 posters accepted as part of the scientific program.  These appear in the Gallery in alphabetical order of presentation title or you can use the Advanced Search button.

You can download the associated paper at any time.

At designated times in the timeline, we have poster presentation sessions.  Within the 20 minute session, each presenter will present their work 4 times – 5 minutes each.  Forty participants are allowed within each presentation, and the presenter will ‘open’ the room for the next presentation.

You can choose the poster presentation you wish to join and simply wait in the queue for the presenter to allow you access when the next presentation is due to commence.

From the website, you can view an alphabetical listing in order of title as well as a presentation order of posters to assist in your planning.  Please click here to view the listings.              



Within the Scientific Program there are a number of presentations for you to experience:

Opening Session              Opening Comments

Plenary                               6 plenary sessions

Workshops                        6 workshops panel sessions

Concurrent                        96 concurrent sessions comprising Invited                                                                 Presentations, Tutorials and Oral Presentations

Poster Sessions                5x sessions showcasing 150+ poster presentations

Closing Session                Closing Comments Including Award Presentations

To assist in your planning, you can view the full program by clicking here.

As noted above within the platform you can also designate your preferred sessions with a Star to build your own agenda.  And you’ll see throughout the day there are some short breaks.

When you select a session to view, there a number of features to enhance your experience:

Handout – this is where you can view or download a copy of the presentation paper

My Session Notes – you can make any relevant notes in this section and then press save. You can then export your notes via the Export Tool next to your Profile button at the top right.

Meeting Hub – you can view the Meeting Hub from this section (see above for details about how to use the Meeting Hub)

Discussion Forum – this section is used for discussion or commentary between the participants.

Live Q&A – you can ask questions to the presenter at any time throughout their presentation. You can view other questions being asked and can ‘vote the question up’ by clicking on the ‘thumbs up’ icon if you are also interested in the response to the question. 

The Presenter will respond to your question in the text box for all participants to view.


Session Recordings

Should you be unable to join a presentation at the designated broadcast time, you are able to view a recording of the session. All concurrent session recordings are available for viewing after the session has concluded. 

Plenary and workshop sessions, as they are presented live, will be available by Monday 10 August. You will be notified via email once these are available. 

Thank you for joining us at CLEO PR 2020.

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