We are pleased to confirm the below workshops will be held virtually in parallel with the regular conference sessions from Monday 3 to Wednesday 5 August 2020. Each workshop will be 1.5 hours, comprising of short presentations by the expert panelists followed by Q&A from the audience.

Workshop Schedule 

Workshop 1: Monday 3 August; 1715-1845
Workshop 2: Monday 3 August; 1715-1845
Workshop 3: Tuesday 4 August; 0800-0930
Workshop 4: Tuesday 4 August; 0940-1110
Workshop 5: Wednesday 5 August; 1715-1845
Workshop 6: Wednesday 5 August; 1715-1845

Technical Topics

Workshop 1
What is over the horizon for nanophotonics fabrication?


  • Professor Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Professor Arnan Mitchell, RMIT University, Australia

Workshop 2
Where is my quantum device? Is it going to live up to the hype?


  • Professor John Close, Australian National University, Australia
  • Professor Andrew White, University of Queensland, Australia

Workshop 3
Is Terahertz spectrum useful for next generation wireless communications?


  • Dr Shaghik Atakaramians, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Professor Ilya Shadrivov, Australian National University, Australia

Workshop 4
How can biophotonics research be efficiently translated to clinical practice? What role do biomedical institutes play in this translation?


  • Professor Ewa Goldys, University of New South Wales, Australia
  • Dr Elizabeth Hinde, University of Melbourne, Australia

Non-Technical Topics

Workshop 5
What is the value of diversity and inclusiveness in a research organisation? What is the best way to achieve it?  


  • Professor Ling-An Wu, Institute of Physics, CAS China 
  • Dr Frederique Vanholsbeeck, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Workshop 6
How can I turn my laboratory result into commercial product?


  • Dr Simon Poole, Finisar, Australia
  • Professor Cather Simpson, University of Auckland, New Zealand
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